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Noah's Ark Animal Shelter, PO Box 241, Chania, Crete, Greece. Tel: Mobile: 6946881155, Information office tel. and fax: 00 30 28210 55030

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As the main shelter had to be closed a year or more ago the animals are housed at 2 or 3 different locations until a new shelter to house them all can be set up. The old clinic (40 dogs) and the cat house (30 cats), plus the donkey area is on the Akrotiri peninsular, which is about 30-40 minutes drive from Chania town in the west of Crete , and is very near to the airport. It is on the bus route to town and there are about 5 buses a day in summer to get into Chania. Litters of mum and babies and quarantined animals (40 or so) live in 2 buildings in Chania town itself so you could be working at one of a number of locations.


By plane to Chania airport, which is just minutes from Noah's Ark. Tell Silke your flight number and arrival time and she will try to collect you from the airport. Please understand though that the animals come first and even if she has planned to collect you then an unforeseen emergency may delay her or prevent her from coming at all. If you arrive and cannot see Silke then please call her on her mobile phone (6946881155), and if that doesn't work then take a taxi from the ranks outside to 'Tersanas Village Apartments/Sunset Taverna' in Tersanas, Akrotiri. The staff there will either be ready for your arrival or will try to contact Silke for you. It is just 10 minutes away so won't cost much.

By plane to Athens, transfer to the port at Piraeus then the overnight ferry boat to Souda. The boat arrives at the port of Souda , below the Akrotiri peninsular. Silke will try and collect you from there but please see the note above.

By plane to Heraklion airport. Heraklion is 2 hours drive from Noah's Ark so you will need to catch a bus from the airport to central Heraklion, then another bus to Chania bus station. Silke will try and collect you from Chania bus station but please see the note above. A taxi to the shelter from Chania town will cost you 10-12 euros. Occasionally if Silke has sufficient notice and can arrange to be in Heraklion that day she can collect you.

Charter planes are usually the cheapest option, and the most direct. They fly to/from Crete from May-end October (sometimes from earlier). With scheduled airlines such as Olympic Airways and Easyjet you will have to change planes in Athens and the 30 minute Greek domestic flight is often quite expensive.

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