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In 1997 Nina Cordoray Downes set off as a volunteer to Noah's Ark Animal Shelter in Crete. Unlike animal shelters in Britain, Noah's Ark was struggling to provide even the basic needs of adequate food and shelter for the 600 animals there.

Something had to be done to help.

Nina's plan was not only to help finance the work being carried out at Noah's Ark, but to start a charity that would aim to help prevent suffering and promote kindness to other animals abroad. On returning to England the difficult task of setting up Action for Animals as a registered charity began. Registration was finally completed in March 1998.

Since then Action for Animals has, with your help, managed to raise thousands for animals all over the world, including Egypt, Greece and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Action for Animals is now also registered as an official Spanish charity and has a charity shop in the Andalusian village of Competa.

In 2014 and 2023 Nina received an award from Cómpeta Town Hall in recognition of her contribution and dedication over the years to the welfare of local animals.


Action for Animals is a registered non-profit association in Spain and a UK-registered charity.

We spay, neuter, vaccinate and provide all food and ongoing care for local feral populations. We also offer free or subsidised neutering for pets whose owners can't afford to have them spayed or neutered.

We provide financial assistance for low-income pet owners, helping with vets bills, to enable them to obtain medical care for their sick or injured pets. We are dedicated to ensure that no pet has to suffer or be euthanised simply because their owner is financially challenged.

We do not have a shelter, but in some cases we can help to arrange foster carers and find forever homes. It is not our policy to rescue stray animals and/or provide funding for open-ended kennelling.

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